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Zero Hedge: What Should We Do?

Preface: No, this is not my normal style of writing. Yes, I've had a bit of liquid courage, and am in a bit of a Zen beginner's philosophical mindset.

Zero Hedge has the smartest readers of just about any site in the world ...

Most of us know that just about every government in the world is thoroughly corrupt, and that all of the economic indicators are wholly manipulated ...

And that the big insiders skew the playing field through high frequency trading, quote stuffing, insider dealing, central bank shenaningans, etc. ad nauseum ...

Most of us are just trying to protect our assets and our families ...

And we know that the big reset is coming, because the Matrix can only suppress reality for so long ...

So what's this about?

All of us together are smarter than any one of us individually.  (I learn as much from reading your comments as I do from my own research and writing).

Here's the question: How do we build a sane, free world out of the ashes of the fallen system?

It's easy to point out the problems.  But I want to hear from wiser souls as to SOLUTIONS.

How do we build local NETWORKS of mature, freedom-loving individuals so we can hit the ground running?  After all, we can all go into our own caves to weather out the storm.  But - at some point - we have to rebuild community and civilization.

Empires have collapsed one after another for thousands of years ... and then the people have seemingly started over at zero.

How do we build networks of trust, strenth and prosperity to weather the hurricane of change?

I'm not even pretending to have all of the answers. I'm just humbly trying to start the conversation ...

What do you think?