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Banker Jumps From His Seventh Floor Apartment

Adam Silberman a 47 year old president and managing partner of a private equity firm, jumped out of his seven floor fifth avenue apartment yesterday following a battle over his beloved poodles with the co-op he and his wife high profile Manhattan real estate broker Monique Ender Silberman live in. 

Silberman sustained sustained several broken bones and multiple trauma injuries after jumping from the 68th Street building. A awning on the second floor broke his fall and probably saved his life. 

Friends and family close to the couple site that Silberman has been under alot of stress from work. To take this story even further off the deep end police found 'crack paraphernalia' inside the apartment. 

-This might be over more than just some dogs-

Public records show money issues might really be the route of his problems, public records show Silberman and his wife have been hit with more than $650,000 in state and federal tax liens during the past five years.

-Doctor Phil Time-

Here is my advice to Adam Silberman; Adam you have literally hit rock bottom (pun intended) but luckily you're still alive. You were smart enough to make all this money before so even with your finance troubles and stress at work you need to find the confidence in yourself to know you can make it again. As for those dogs dude get some manlier dogs and stop crying over them. No one should be trying to off themselves over some poodles.