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10 Top Financial Blogs You Should Be Following

If you’ve been investing over the last few years you’ve likely found yourself spending time on different Financial Blogs, listening to the opinions of different ‘experts’ on where you should be investing your money. Usually, these opinions are followed by persuasive arguments and charts. However, many investors have experienced losing money over a bad investment decision based on such content because who knows if this ‘expert’ can be trusted to give profitable advice?

The entire sphere of Financial Blogs has been rapidly growing over the last 15 years, starting with comments on leading financial news websites that turned into dedicated areas for contributors on leading business sites such as Forbes, MarketWatch, and CNBC. The industry grew, leading some websites to focus only on contributors who provide stock analyses. SeekingAlpha is the leader of this domain as they have produced the most content and reached the most users.

As the sphere of Financial Blogs rapidly grows with ‘expert’ newcomers sharing their recommendations and adding even more noise, how can investors see through the clutter of financial advice?

That’s why we built TipRanks – the world’s first financial accountability engine. By displaying the measured performance and average return of anyone who provides financial advice, we are helping investors worldwide.

In order to rank these websites, we calculated the annual return of each buy and sell stock recommendation published on over 30 Financial Blogs since 2009 and then measured the overall success rate of all the articles. Meaning, we looked at how many of all the buy and sell stock recommendations published on each website have generated positive returns over the following year. We then combined these two factors into a single ranking, weighed against the statistical significance of the number of ratings published on each site. The more significant the data is the higher/lower a blog’s score.

And the winners are…

Note: All data included in this piece is approximate and is derived from TipRanks’ internal database using an Natural Processing Language algorithm to detect ratings from reputable websites. TipRanks is not responsible for inaccuracies in the data as all figures are approximate. Do not duplicate, publish, modify or otherwise distribute the material on this site unless specifically authorized by TipRanks to do so.


  1. Motley Fool comes in first with an average return of 7.88% with a success rate of 60.48%, weighed against 30,742 ratings published on the site.
  2. Seeking Alpha is a close second with an average return of 6.43%, a success rate of making profitable calls of 57.94%, weighed against 80,262 buy or sell recommendations published on the site.
  3. The Street, rounding out the top three, with an average annual return of 6.29%, a success rate of 57.70%, and 14,979 total buy and sell ratings.
  4. MoneyShow is fourth with an admirable annual average return of 10.94% and an equally impressive success rate of 64.12%, but less statistically significant because the blog only published 1,321 buy or sell stock recommendations in the provided time frame.
  5. GuruFocus comes in fifth with an average annual return of 4.93%, a success rate of 56.74%, weighed over 8,758 blogs.
  6. InvestorPlace is sixth up with an average annual return of 3.76%, a success rate of 55.73%, all weighed across 9,738 buy and sell recommendations.
  7. StreetAuthority is number seven with an average annual return of 7.16%, a success rate of 60.94%, but weighed against only 960 recommendations, reconciling for its seventh place ranking.
  8. TopStockAnalysts with an average annual return of 5.73% and a success rate of 54.55%, weighed against 3,298 buy and sell recommendations.
  9. Yahoo! Finance Contributors makes the cut with an average annual return of 1.83% on its buy and sell ratings and a success rate of 52.53%, weighed against 1,375 recommendations.
  10. MarketWatch Contributors rounds out the top 10 is with an average annual return of 2.49%, a success rate of 50.91%, all weighed against 895 total ratings.


TipRanks always keeps track of the best professional analysts and financial bloggers, but, this research is different as we measured the overall performance of the websites themselves, and not of each contributor/blogger individually.

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