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Truth and Trump Are Only Close in the Dictionary

Let me start---as I now feel it my civic responsibility to do---by issuing a kind of Parental Warning to the gentle Trumpflakes who are the primary squatters on this site. There will be statements which follow that could very well offend delicate sensibilities. Go elsewhere for the safe space of an echo chamber.

I’m sure many of the readers of this site are convinced they have a clear view of the world from their proverbial Mom’s basement, but people who actually get out and about in the world do have a different take on this Clown-Show-in-a-Crack-Den that is Trump. Of course even we can laugh at the spectacle, partly because the endless lies and ever-changing stories are funny, partly because Donny Boo Boo, his mutant spawn, and the gaggle of dilettantes he calls his ‘finely tuned machine’ are just plain silly, and partly because this bizarre reality slaps fiction right upside the face.

Consider this gem: the lawyer Donny Two just hired to defend him also represents the Colombo, Gambino and Genovese Crime Families. Now THAT is funny, no matter one’s political persuasion. The man, Alan Futerfas, graduated from the Julliard School of Music (perhaps with a degree in piano wire?). It was Mark Twain who said fiction was more difficult, because it has to be believable. Even Twain could not have imagined this.

Trump Family behavior probably went over well in the checker-playing town called New York City, but in the wider world the game is three dimensional chess, and the Trumps are ill-equipped to be anything more than the chump---or chimp---at the table. Frankly, a chimp would likely do better.

Russiagate, the Never Ending Story, has taken yet another bizarre turn, replete with the now characteristic half-truths, obfuscations, and outright lies that constitute ‘dealmaking’ in Donny World. In Trumpistan, the truth is the last resort, held with contempt in reserve until every other probe into the world of Alternative Facts has been exhausted and has left egg on the face of any of those still stupid enough to attach their saddle to this batshit crazy regime.

Before moving into the raw meat of the latest Trump debacle, one should watch this video of an interview with the First Mutant Spawn himself, given to Jake Tapper on CNN in July of 2016. It is quintessential Trumpian behavior: righteous indignation and whining all wrapped around an outright lie.

The date is key: July 2016.

It was not known at that time that what is now the First Public Smoking Gun (note ‘Public’, as in Unclassified) had taken place a month before. That gun is the Trump Tower meeting, arranged by the human flotation device named Rob Goldstone, between seniors in the Trump Campaign and a lawyer for Russian Oligarchs who is also a one-step removed asset of the Russian SVR. What the White House first tried to pass off as a meeting to discuss ‘adoption’ was anything but. The New York Times, using elicitation and punking techniques that would make a spook proud, repeatedly gave Donny Junior rope with which to hang himself. The Times knew what they had. Donny Two kept thinking the Times had fired every bullet, when in fact they had plenty of ammo in reserve.

The Times even punked Donny Two into releasing his own emails, which likely represented more than the Times itself had. Those emails look increasingly likely to land Donny Two in jail.

Everybody who walked into that meeting knew what the purpose of it was, and ‘adoption’ most definitely was not it. From Donny Two’s own email chain:

“The Crown prosecutor of Russia (sic)…offered to provide the Trump campaign with some official documents and information that would incriminate Hillary….is a part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump…”

Donny Two replied, “If it’s what you say, I love it especially later in the summer.”

From Russia, With I Love it

Donny Two subsequently contacted Campaign Manager Paul ‘Dead Man Walking’ Manafort and Jared the Eunuch, letting them know everything about the meeting. NOBODY went into that meeting thinking anything other than that they were hoping to get dirt on HRC from the Russian Government. About that the emails leave no doubt. To obtain or solicit anything from a non-US Person for use in a US election is, of course, illegal.

The meeting took place on schedule in June 2016, which is proof that Donny Two’s rant on CNN was nothing but lies: Bald face lies, with lots of faux drama thrown in for effect. Yes, he’s a chip off the old blockhead, or perhaps more proof the turd doesn’t float far from the cesspool.

As this story began to emerge, albeit in piecemeal manner as was the Times’ intent, the White House went into spin mode. On Air Force One coming back from the embarrassing G-19 meeting, where Trump offered to let the fox Putin into the hen house (a ‘joint unit’ to cooperate on cyber security, immediately dissed on both sides of the aisle), and where Trump was shunned by all the adults in the room, a response was fabricated that called the meeting ‘adoption’ related.

Sane people laughed. Paul Manafort doesn’t seem like a foster parent.

The New York Times then published another article noting the existence of the email chain. The White House doubled down, sending out staff and surrogates to downplay the Times’ article as ‘more Fake News by a failing paper’, a ‘nothingburger’, and they also reiterated the lie that there were never any Russian contacts. They did that knowing full well of the email chain and the Russian meeting, so they were, as Donny Two himself was doing, lying through their teeth. Note that POTUS Donny signed off on the spin plan. Lying is what he does….always.

The reporters at the New York Times smiled. They locked and loaded again. They contacted Donny Two and told him they were going to run actual quotes from the emails. Donny assumed the Times had all the printed emails, so he became ‘transparent’ and Tweeted them out himself. They are damning. They are proof of ‘conspiracy to violate US Election law’. He is in trouble, which is why he lawyered up with his Crime Family mouthpiece.

The newest excuse, which is perhaps the most absurd one yet, is that, “Well, we went to the meeting, but they didn’t have anything good.” He also tried to play naïve, as in ‘we’re just so new to this honesty thing’.

This is equivalent to saying, “Yes, we rushed into the bank with guns and took hostages, but there wasn’t any money, so we left. No harm done.”

A failed criminal is still a criminal. Of course, given the long record of lies coming from Donny Two as well as POTUS Donny, one could be forgiven for thinking that perhaps this was only the first of many meetings, especially since new reports are coming out saying the campaign advised Russian Fake News producers as to when and where to place manufactured articles, getting so exact as to pinpoint specific precincts and even specific voter Facebook pages. The Russians do not have that level of expertise regarding US voters. Cambridge Analytics, owned by the Mercer family, and hired by Jared the Eunuch for the campaign, does have that expertise. This is the newest of many 'collusion' angles.

POTUS Donny claims he had no idea. He should not be believed, partly because of his long history of lying, and partly because of something that does not seem coincidental. The email exchange took place on 3 June. The meeting was to be 9 June, and the anticipation was that Donny Two would get some dirt of Clinton from the Russian Government. On 7 June Candidate Trump made a speech where he said he was soon going to be able to produce some major dirt on Clinton “probably on…Monday of next week. I think you’re going to find it very informative, and very very interesting”. He never produced anything on Monday. It really does look as if he expected some dirt, which is to say it really does look as if he knew about the meeting with the Russian.

This meeting now so prominent in the news also represents---if I remember correctly---the 37th known Russian contact that just slipped the mind of people who later filled out SF86 Forms in hopes of getting a TS/SCI clearance. The law surrounding the SF86 Form allows for prosecution even for ‘forgetting’, and the penalty for deceit is 5 years in prison per violation. Though the penalty is rarely enforced, when there is a pattern of deceit, it is enforced. Jared the Eunuch now has had to re-file his SF86 three times to amend it. He’s also the clown who asked Russian Ambassador Kislyak if he could set up a secret back channel to Russia using the secure commo system of the Embassy. Note that he ‘forgot’ that meeting, and also ‘forgot’ his meeting with the SVR case officer who was running Vnesteconombank in the US. Combine the ‘secret back channel’ request with this continual ‘forgetfulness’, and a prosecutor can make a good case for ‘conspiracy to commit espionage’, a charge which can carry the death penalty. With those ‘transparent’ emails released by Donny Two, Jared the Eunuch is in even more trouble that the First Mutant Spawn.

Special Counsel Mueller is going to be extra busy, and the investigation is likely to take a year or more, though individual indictments can come out in the interim. The staff Mueller has hired says what direction he is headed in, and it comes as no surprise to those who have been on this issue from the beginning. Of course Mueller is focusing on collusion and espionage, but also money laundering and RICO violations.

The Trumps are their own worst enemies, and Twitter, or simply the need for constant praise, is the gun they continually stick in their own mouths. They also shoot themselves on camera. Donny, Jr., at a Real Estate Conference in 2009, boasted about all the money he was getting from Russia and how he didn’t need any US banks. Eric Trump said the same thing a year later in an interview with a golf magazine. This stands in stark contrast to Donny, Sr., who has repeatedly stated he has no business with Russians. He is lying. He is lying and Mueller knows it.

Donny also ripped himself a new butt hole by firing anyone and everyone who was getting close to his and his team’s criminality. Preet Bharara was fired when it was discovered by Trump that Bharara was looking into criminal activity by the Trump Organization in New York. Sally Yates was fired when she made two White House visits to insist Mike Flynn be back benched because the Russians had ‘compromat’ on him. Trump also got upset because she relied on the Constitution, and not Donny’s imperial proclamations, when ruling on the legality---or not---of the Muslim Ban. James Comey was fired because he would not kiss the ring, and because he would not drop the Russia investigation. Donny remains so incensed at Comey’s lack of filial piety that he was punked by a Fake News article first appearing in The Hill, and later parroted by Donny’s second favorite show Fox & Friends (obviously the Celebrity Apprentice is his favorite). The Fake News article claimed Comey---who knows more about classification protocol than anybody---released a memo containing classified material. The Hill, as well as Fox & Friends, had to retract that claim when they realized any memos that Comey classified never left the Bureau, and the memo he forwarded to the Columbia U professor was Unclassified. Note that Donny Boo Boo did not retract his Tweet lambasting Comey. Trump cannot admit fault, plus he is well aware his supporters are ignorant and will continue to believe obvious falsehoods.

Mueller has access to lots of data, including loan documents and loan files. In those files, when the Trumps or Jared the Eunuch tried to get funding for their wildly overleveraged projects, there is information not only on the loan being requested, but a full reading of all the financing and all the liens these people already have, and that includes the names of the institutions who hold the liens. Obviously Mueller has access to data which indicates the true owners of the Shell Companies noted in the loan files. Mueller also has access to all of Trump’s and Kushner’s tax returns, and SWIFT and IBAN data about all funds wired from one account to another to another to another…

Six months ago I stated the endgame, and I’ll repeat. Collusion is going to take down Flynn, Page, Manafort, Stone and Kushner. Donny Two is at a minimum going down for ‘conspiracy to violate US Election Law’, and subsequent investigation is likely to uncover more wrong doing. He would be well advised to be fulsome in his upcoming hearings with HPSCI and SSCI, because he will be under oath and charged with perjury if he lies, as he is known to do. He will not know what these committees already know, and they will ask questions to which they already know the answers, just as the New York Times did to Donny Two in the last week. The Times gave him rope, and Donny Two hung himself. HPSCI and SSCI will do the same, unless lapdog Devin Nunes passes questions to him first.

In addition to collusion, Jared the Eunuch is going to go down for ‘conspiracy to commit espionage’ and money laundering. He is unlikely to ever see the light of day again, surpassing his father’s time in the pen.

Donny, Sr., was going to go down just for money laundering, but his own idiocy (firing Comey, Bharara & Yates and boasting about it and saying why he did it) will hang him for obstruction of justice. Additional investigation may show he committed treason, another crime carrying the death penalty.

Yes, it will take a year or more. In the meantime, Donny is neutered. He’s the man without a dick, figuratively and---as his small hands suggest---perhaps literally. The Sanctions Bill passed by the Senate, currently being held up by Ryan in the House because the White House asked him to sit on it, will now pass, pushed through because of the Donny Two revelations. That Bill hamstrings the Bloated One so that he lacks the authority to remove or reduce sanctions on Russia, Putin, and Putin’s Oligarch buddies.

The ‘joint unit’ Donny, Sr. said he was going to set up with Putin to ‘monitor cyber espionage and cyber hacking’, is dead, dead, dead, ridiculed even by Republicans. Healthcare is on life support, and even if the Republicans pass something hurriedly before the August break, it will come back to haunt them. The people hurt most by the Republican plan are the very people who carried Donny into the White House. They are going to get hosed by the plan, which perhaps is some sort of Darwinian Karma.

Go ahead and enjoy the view from Mom’s basement if that gives you solace. Ignore reality. Pretend you’re ‘winning!’. Check into Breitbart or Infowars or Fox if you need a dose of Fake News, because they are specialists in it. It should keep you pacified while adults and real patriots do their work.

Imagine. There are Americans who actually want the country to remain a sovereign nation, and not a vassal state of Russia or Saudi Arabia.