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Here's What Stocks You Want to Own in the Event of a War With North Korea

Trying to "play" North Korea is pretty much a fool's game. A nuclear North Korea is a truly existential crisis because this is the first time a regime has threatened to launch missiles at us without any real provocation.

We have had nukes pointed at us before when Russia decided to turn Cuba into a nuclear launching pad back in October 1962. Our country came so close to a nuclear war back then that it's pretty scary. I lived next to a naval air base at the time and the sky was black with planes. If you want to know what happened, the denouement so to speak, I heartily recommend Graham Allison's Essence of Decision because it showed you how Jack Kennedy dealt with a nuclear power that did seem to want to be able to wipe us out. The Russians backed down, though, because they did care about wiping out their country, which would have been the end result.

Now we have a regime that seems to be asking to be wiped out. I have no doubt that Kennedy would not have appeased the North Koreans, I think he would have declared war and bombed them back to the Stone Age ahead of when they could launch. I...