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SeaChange's Next Phase Will Be Primarily Additive To Existing Products

For a number of years expectations concerning growth from SeaChange (SEAC) have continued to fall, as the company struggled to find ways to boost revenue and earnings in a very competitive market.

SeaChange empowers its video service customers to "increase ARPU and reduce OPEX, CAPEX and customer churn through personalized video services that seamlessly unite television with the internet." It does this through different software products.

With the majority of its products having reached a maturation stage, the bulk of its short-term, and probably mid-term strategy, will be additive to existing products and customers, rather than the introduction of totally new products representing new markets. That will have to happen in the future, but for now it's not in the cards.

A major change in customer demand has come from a growing number of OTT services, which has resulted in the acquisition of Timeline Labs to help service that growing… Read More …