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Microsoft Insider Mason Morfit Buys ~$43 Million In Stock

Mason Morfit, president of ValueAct Capital, a $14 billion AUM investment firm in the San Francisco area, is buying what Bill Gates is selling.

Both players in the Microsoft (MSFT) story disclosed via Form 4 filings huge transactions in MSFT stock recently with Gates selling 1,000,000 shares under his 10b5-1 and Morfit stepping up and buying 1,032,258 shares in the open market for a purchase price of ~$43 million when all broken down.

This action by Morfit has to be productive to the bull case, albeit what has to seem like a much longer-term bull case now in light of the recent earnings disappointment and further conservative guidance from the tech giant.

Morfit putting ~$43 million on the line at prices ranging from $40-$42 dollars to me would show this to be one very powerful man's estimation of fair value prior to FQ2 results. I would expect this news to… Read More …