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Wheat descending wedge!

Wheat descending wedge!


Wheat0.00%% appears to be nearing the completion of a major ascending wedge that spans 4-5 years. Best way to take advantage of this would be a wide entry with a safe stop once a bottoming pattern appears on the daily/weekly. My guess is we won't see a bottom until late 2016 or maybe early 2017.

Martin Armstrong has posted about the global *cooling* (not warming) that should begin to impact crop production sending prices sky high. This data adds quite a bit of fundamental confluence on top of the beautiful techs, making the trade even more enticing.

Jim Rogers also sees agriculture *prices* improving in the future in his recent interview with Real Vision TV. He has been saying this for a few years now but also admits he's often VERY early to a trade.

I'll be watching this trade closely for a bottom, going to be a good one!