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Monsanto Discussions Ongoing with Argentina’s Government on Latest Soybean Innovations; Growers Continue to Have Access to Intacta RR2 Pro® Soybeans

ST. LOUIS, May 07, 2016 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Monsanto Company MON, +0.10% today released details about its ongoing discussions with Argentina President Mauricio Macri’s administration and industry representatives to find a mutually agreeable solution for soybean growers and the value chain for a soybean technology royalty system in Argentina.

Discussions have found common ground around four main principles:

1. Private contracts will be recognized and respected, including thousands of grower, grain handler and inland elevator contracts that support new technologies in Argentina;

2. Intellectual property would be respected for each and every use of patented technology, both inside and outside of Argentina;

3. Testing and sampling of grain should continue; and

4. The country’s soybean technology royalty system will remain operational.

“During recent discussions, the Government of Argentina acknowledged that it supports a conducive environment for continued investment and further long-term development of agriculture through recognition of intellectual property rights and private agreements,” said Brett Begemann, Monsanto President and Chief Operating Officer. “Both endorsing and actively supporting these basic principles are necessary to create a predictable business environment, which invites foreign investment.”

Throughout the course of discussions, Monsanto also heard the administration’s concerns with the existing soybean technology royalty system. The system in Argentina offers growers who choose to use Intacta RR2 Pro [®] technology the choice and flexibility in payment timing, from the time of purchase of certified seed and at various points along the way, up the point of grain delivery. Monsanto has provided additional flexibility beyond those payment options to give growers the opportunity to pay for Intacta RR2 Pro [] at and after the point of delivery of grain. Monsanto intends to continue operating the royalty system in Argentina as it has...