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Cramer: Buy buy buy these into the nasty decline

In Jim Cramer's long history of investing, it seems like no one ever wants to buy when the market is terrible. Everyone is conditioned to believe that if it's a terrible market, then that means a doomsday scenario is right around the corner.

But that doomsday scenario never actually happens, as the market has survived even the worst of financial flops.

"I think we have to take our cue form Tolstoy's Anna Karenina theorem: all happy bull markets are alike, but each unhappy bear market is unhappy in its own way. This one's unique too, so it requires a different game plan than past declines," the "Mad Money" host said.

But just because the market declined on Monday, doesn't mean there aren't bargains floating around. However, Cramer warned that there are a host of bear markets out there that might seem cheap, but could be treacherous.

The bad news bear groups include natural resources, technology and many international companies. Cramer suggested not to go anywhere near those groups.

"Some gains have to be missed because they're just too risky. Fortunately, there are enough solid choices from these groups to start some positions...