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January Rail Report: Rolling Into The New Year

The Association of American Railroads releases weekly rail data, usually on Thursdays for the week prior. For the last report of the month, the association also aggregates and reports data for the trailing month. The latest report included data for the week ending January 31 and for the month of January as a whole.

Introduction - Rails and Dow Theory

Followers of Dow Theory subscribe to the belief set forth by William Hamilton. At the time he argued that economic activity would begin in the rail average before the industrial average. Hamilton claimed that before economic activities can begin, raw materials would have to be shipped from suppliers to manufacturers. Therefore, an increase in activity among the rail stocks should foreshadow an increase in overall economic expansion and increases in industrial stocks.

Consequently, if increased economic activity is foreshadowed in the transports, the opposite must also be true; economic contraction… Read More …