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Is SellOff in U.S. Stocks Continue on Fifth Day Too ?

Investors worried about a major downturn in the stock market can rest a little easier, the chief investment strategist at Strategas Research Partners said Friday on the heels of a four-day selloff in U.S. stocks.

Jason Trennert said on CNBC's

"You have time. If you're looking for the big one, I think you have another year, two years. This might be a correction . I don't think it's the big one," 

"It's only in extremis that it becomes a problem," he said.

What people have to say on this Sell Off:

"This is market correction for Janet no action on interest rates. Also traders pull aside and made no bets last Wednesday after the announcement and players is on stand still what to do feeling the market. Yellen will speak today to ascertain a moderate increase by 25 basis points next meeting in June to test reaction on Monday."