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A Less Talked About Relationship Between Oil and Gas

The number of US rigs out drilling has declined for for many weeks in a row. This means there are almost a thousand less rigs in the fields now then there were at this time last year, and a thousand more upset toddlers, the group of humans who inexplicably love looking at rigs more than anything on earth. And of course, less rigs means less oil means less supply. The number of rigs could be a solid, less looked at indicator signaling a potential rebound in oil prices. Despite considerable losses over the last two months, it appears that things are looking up.

Unfortunately, it’s less clear what that means for gasoline (NYM:RB) prices. I’ve been enjoying filling up the tank of my prius for 20 dollars, so it would be a little sad to see that come to an end. As oil goes up, gas prices are sure to follow.