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CNN Undergoes 'Technical Difficulties' During Obamacare Victims Broadcast

Yes, CNN did it again. Whenever CNN pretends to be a news organization, rest assured, they will always tip their hand -- revealing themselves to be nothing more the s h i l l s.

For the sake of posterity, let's revisit some of CNN's recent forays into the unfortunate world of technical difficulties.
CNN cuts off Congressman who dared to discuss Wikileaks
Bernie Sanders cut off after calling CNN Fake News
CNN host cut off after criticizing Hillary

And now today.

What's also interesting, according to CNN, it's 'illegal to possess stolen documents' -- aka the wikileaks emails. So, in the event you're interested in reviewing its findings, please refrain from doing so and let them, the professional journalists, convey the details of its contents to you -- the unwashed manlet.

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