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​What about launching a risky long position in DAX?
25 march 2015

I have some friends who live in Germany. They told me a lot about challenging types of speculative trades on the options market. And from time to time we share our experience. But the performance of the DAX in recent weeks has been rather perplexing. The benchmark’s unbelievable rally in the past few years gives no buy-in opportunities. And speculative traders are already thinking about playing the downside.

I’ll try to reconcile both groups. It’s safe to trade short on this market only for a short period. This is a complicated style of game, and you’d be better off waiting until stocks move down to 11,500/11,300 for new speculative long positions. If you’re an investor, then you can place a bet on a correction towards the rising trend seen in the fall of 2014.

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​What about launching a risky long position in DAX?

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