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Why Is Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corporation (ADMP) So Hot Right Now?

Why is Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corporation (NASDAQ:ADMP) so hot right now? There are several reasons. Insider Monkey readers are very familiar with Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corporation since August 2014 when we issued a buy recommendation at $4.02 in our premium monthly newsletter. Nine months after that we published a free report reiterating our buy recommendation when ADMP’s shares were trading at $4.88. That was about a year ago.

Insider Monkey’s main profit source is its premium newsletters and we usually don’t share our stock picks publicly. We don’t even share them with almost all of our editors and writers (unless they are involved in the production of the newsletters). The free Adamis report was the only premium report we shared during the last 12 months. Most subscribers want to know about our stock picks before they subscribe which is why we made this report available. Even today, if you open any article on our site (including this article) you will see our free report “Biotech Insider Alert – $5 Stock To Hit $40“. You can download a copy of this report here if you haven’t already done so.

Biotech stocks lost around 30% of their value since we published our report. Even Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corporation shares lost more than 30% of their value at one point in August. However, it was our highest conviction idea, so we kept our buy recommendation over the last 12 months. Adamis was our top idea because it is working to get an extremely simple drug...