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Metaphors And The Message: Searching For Deeper Understanding Of Investment Information

One of the more interesting and unsettling experiences I've had was scuba diving at night. This combined an activity (scuba diving) for which I had only a beginner's skill with an environment (pure darkness) that was challenging. The most unnerving aspect of the experience was only being able to see what was in the narrow cone of light from my flashlight; I had no peripheral vision in the darkness. While there were plenty of interesting things to see ahead of me, I also wanted to avoid damaging the coral inadvertently and I definitely wanted to avoid anything potentially dangerous.

This example serves as a good illustration of how metaphors fundamentally shape our view of the world. "Metaphors govern the way we think about issues," according to Gary Klein in Sources of Power. Klein elaborates, "It [metaphor] structures our thinking. It conditions our sympathies and emotional reactions ... It governs the… Read More …