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​Netflix CFO Confusing Statement on Net Neutrality

Netflix Chief Financial Officer David Wells didn’t seem too happy with the announcement of net neutrality, according to USA Today.

“We were hoping that there might be a non-regulated solution to it,” he said at a conference in San Francisco on Wednesday, according to USA Today.

Because of Wells’ confusing comments, Netflix spokesperson Anne Marie Squeo spoke on behalf of the company for clarification.

“Netflix supports the FCC’s action last week to adopt Title II in ensuring consumers get the Internet they paid for without interference by ISPs. There has been zero change in our very well-documented position in support of strong net neutrality rules,” she said in a statement, according to USA Today.

Washington Post commenter moonwatcher2001:

“As the old saying goes, "Be careful for what you wish." Recent articles by InfoWeek showed that most of the throttling was not caused by Verizon or Comcast, but was by a third party hired, ironically, by Netflix themselves. Now when Netflix's bits can't be prioritized, even if they wanted to pay a small fee for that, and their bits have to be treated equally badly to all others such that streaming doesn't work well for millions of unhappy subscribers who might soon cancel their subscriptions, the onus will be on those at Netflix who used this Trojan Horse to try forcing carriers to charge them less. Given that the small additional cost of purchasing data prioritization was chump change compared to expanding their catalog of films, it seems they might have shot themselves in the foot along with the consumers who wanted streaming of video and audio to work well enough to be an alternative to the cable companies with their expensive and inane channel bundles. Thanks for nothing Netflix.”