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The Fundamentals Are Still Positive

“Davidson” submits:

Record Vehicle Sales! Record Household Employment! Record Real Disposable Income! Rising Job Openings! Record and rising Retail Sales!! Rising Single-Family Home Sales yet well below historical norms! 321Million+ and rising Americans still want homes, cars and raise their standard of living. Most of these provide ample warning of economic and market tops. No top in sight today! See the charts attached below.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 9.19.34 AM

A rising US economy has never been the stuff of major corrections. In fact history shows that it is the economic activity of the US which is the global driver till the US corrects from excess. There are quite a few examples of how this works. The Thai Bhat/Asian Currency Collapse/Russia Default in the late 1990s did not stop the global economy till the US economy peaked in 2000. The US$ is the dominant global currency. It was US inflation which became a global problem in the 1970s. It was the US which reversed this in the 1980s and caused global interest rates to collapse the next 20yrs. This time it is technology invented in the US which has resulted in lowering the finding costs of oil and gas which has impacted the global energy prices. The ‘Arab Spring’ had its basis in communication technology invented and then distributed by the US but made in Asia. The reason for China’s rise the past 20yrs has been technology invented in the US seeking to lower costs and expand to foreign markets. It is the US which has been the technology leader in every category since WWII.

It is also the US which consumes ~70% of its own GDP which makes it the driver of the global economy. The US has dominated the global economic cycle since WWII with our inventiveness, our consumption and our drive to improve our...