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Don't Bet On A Quick Rebound For Shares Of DreamWorks Animation

Shares of niche Hollywood studio DreamWorks Animation (NYSE: DWA) haven't been painting a very pretty picture over the past year, with the company's stock price down more than 40%. DreamWorks Animation has been hurt by generally lower-than-expected receipts at the box office for its slate of film productions during FY2014, which has led to impairment charges and reduced operating leverage, culminating in a 48.4% drop in adjusted operating income. On the upside, though, the company seems to be laying the groundwork for better financial results in the future with the recent unveiling of a new restructuring plan that is designed to save up to $60 million per year, partially through headcount reductions. So, at is discounted price, is DreamWorks Animation a good bet for…