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Verizon turns grandfathered unlimited data plans into 100GB a month or we cancel your account plans

And this surprises who? Corporations are not known for their honor, as in honoring contracts they agreed to years ago. They ARE known for focusing on profits at the expense of people. I’m sure some bean counters added up the costs of violating all these contracts, factored in any and all projected legal costs, and found out that the bottom line would still increase their profit margin.

I do not know the clauses/small print on these “contracts” of course. My point is, if they can get away with it with little or no consequences, they’ll do it.

Out of curiosity I just checked my router. Fairly steady Netflix watching in the downtime (but not every day) and I’ve used 300GB in the last month. If people are using Verizon as their full time internet hookup (and some have to) they’re screwed.

A couple billing cycles back, they bumped my bill by $20 like they’d said they were going to do last year.  I decided I’d stop subsidizing their service with my WiFi while I’m at home if I’m going to be paying $20 more.  That’s when I realized my service at home had dropped from 5 megs in the evening hours to 0.5 megs.  But I could still get 10+ megs at 3am so I know my phone isn’t the problem.  I told several CSRs that I was going to move as much data as I could through my account until either the service improved or they cut my bill by $20/month.  Moved somewhere just short of 150 gigs that billing period.  Got sidetracked last billing period and only moved 43 gigs.  I guess this billing period, I’ll set my warning to 90 gigs and stream Netflix for a couple days. The crazy thing is they think old-timers will bend over and move to a metered Verizon plan.  Not much chance of that.  If I give up my “unlimited” plan, I’ll take my money elsewhere.

Anyone biatching about Verizon hasn’t dealt with other carriers. Back when I was selling phones, Sprint was knowingly courting the illiterate crowd in search of overage charges, those accounted for their entire profit margin. And those nice people you were giving your SS# to over the phone for credit checks were sitting in a call center in a California prison. Same people you called when your billing issues hit.

AT&T, well… the Baby Bells went and formed Voltron. I can’t tell you how much antipathy I have for that company, at least their cellular side.

I never did anything with T-Mobile. Can’t comment on them. Comcast was just coming out with voice service. The local wholesale Comcast sales rep quit when that went live, saying that none of the cable companies were ready for the shiat storm of home phone service.

Phone service is a mess and always has been. It always will be. The contracts you sign with them are entirely one sided. After several years of watching every carrier unilaterally change the minutes/data/texts you got, I vowed to never sign a contract again ever. Number portability changed the industry somewhat but Verizon was the leader in customer satisfaction and as Consumer Reports put it, their favorability among customers was so low that in virtually any other industry they would be out of business. But the cellphone industry is so bad that they were the leaders.

I still use a prepaid phone on their network, as an over the road truck driver their network is the best. I would have switched to T-Mobile when they did away with contracts as a requirement for their regular plans and then decided that streaming videos doesn’t count on your data cap. But they have the worst network for my line of work.