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Geostrategic Significance Of A Grexit

The discussion about Greece and its future in the monetary union, or like Greenspan opined, the lack thereof, has focused on economic issues to the near-exclusion of all else. This is myopic. There are important geostrategic interests at stake.

Historians continue to debate who lost Yalta, the territorial settlement at the end of WWII that recognized a Soviet sphere of influence in eastern and central Europe. Will they one day debate who lost Greece?

Greece is an important NATO member. If it is forced out of the monetary union, and by extension the EU, it would increase the risks it leaves NATO. Could this turn into Europe's Cuba?

Syriza has hinted at leaving NATO from time to time. Its delegates vote sympathetically to Russia in the European Parliament. While the Defense Minister Kammenos plays emphasizes its NATO commitments, the Deputy Defense Minister Isichos is more enigmatic, saying that leaving NATO,… Read More …