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As part of the Univision deal, Gawker founder Nick Denton will be paid $200,000 to not compete (because his last media company turned out sooooooo well)

You can’t say it wasn’t successful. A non-compete clause pay out for Denton? $200,000? That sucks for him. Not a Hogan fan but Denton crossed a line when he ran the sex tape and I’m glad he got his ass sued off. Still not sure what Univision wants with Gawker and Jezebel et al but hopefully they’ll up their standards from “none” to “some”.

The downfall of Gawker is wrapped up in a $140 million judgment that was awarded to Hulk Hogan, which forced Gawker Media and Denton to declare bankruptcy. Denton is personally liable for $10 million of the judgment and jointly liable for a further $115 million, according to The Wall Street Journal. But that doesn’t mean Denton is completely broke.

When is Univision going public?