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Facebook Should Do This To Unlock Shareholder Value

I was overjoyed by Facebook's (NYSE: [[FB]]) operational performance this past quarter as were most on the Street. Still, as I watched the stock collapse during its COO's pre-conference call interview with CNBC (video no longer available at the site), I understood how the industry leader could do better for shareholders. Sheryl Sandberg had a fine interview, but I believe the company inadequately prepared the investment environment ground ahead of the EPS report. That I believe caused it to be poorly received and even today the stock's compelling story fails to pull in bidders. Facebook has to properly prepare the seeds of price appreciation through clearer and more strategic communications geared toward the investors' perspective.

Facebook has the X's and O's of its operational game plan well set, and it is a winning game plan, but if the fans don't get it, then Facebook will fail for investors no… Read More …