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Blackberry Set To Open BBM To Iphones and Androids

In a last ditch effort to save what left of what was once the leader in smart phones, BlackBerry is finally inching closer to releasing their very well respected BlackBerry Messenger for Iphone and Android devices, this is without a doubt a great idea the only problem is that its about five years too late. For years consumers and taste makers in the smart phone industry begged and pleaded for BlackBerry to open up their messaging service up to phones that weren't BlackBerry. 

Barely anyone uses a BlackBerry anymore so I don't know who is still using their messenger but for those who still use it, I'm sure they are excited. But the news goes further than that, apparently BlackBerry is thinking of setting BlackBerry Messenger up as it own company, a BlackBerry subsidiary called "BBM Inc."

Are you guys excited to hear about this or are you like me and think its too little too late.