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Babysitter pay jumps 28% in five years. I kid you not

TFA doesn’t say, but I assume this doesn’t include tips. FTA: What’s more, more than one in four people tip their babysitter on top of the hourly rate they pay them. I also like how TFA repeatedly assumes the babysitter is female. Former nanny J. Sterling Chillico (now an attorney) says that parents should expect to pay a little more for younger children, who tend to need more constant watching, diaper changes and can’t yet feed themselves without help. Consider paying at least $1 an hour more for a younger child or a child who needs a lot of attention. Sounds like the article is talking as much or more about daycare than about baby sitting.Daycare rates should be min wage for the first kid, 1/2 min wage for each additional up to 5. Children not toilet trained or other special needs should be an extra $1 per hour. Baby sitting rates are equal to the cost of two movie tickets, two fast food value meals, and a 3 pack of prophylactics, rounded up to the nearest dollar per night. Then you leave in cash the cost of the local pizza places special for 2 large three topping pizzas delivered with a $5 tip./Unless your children are the spawn of the devil…. Then you pay whatever it takes to make the sitter willing because you’re LE….//also are sure to hire a sitter over the age of consent because once again LE. (NYSE: CRCM) bloggers provide valuable input on this

Commenter on Marketwarch: AB FRAM says this article on Marketwatch was: “SOOOO SEXIST. You use the word “her” repeatedly in this piece. It’s really sad to see the gender hate coming from a publication like Marketwatch. Please don’t assume anything about gender. Stop spreading the hate.”

What babysitters in your city make

Metro  Average hourly rate
in 2014
Metro  Average hourly rate
in 2014
Akron  $11.84 Louisville  $12.50
Albany  $12.68 Madison  $12.86
Albuquerque  $12.75 Memphis  $12.94
Allentown  $13.16 Miami  $13.48
Atlanta  $13.47 Milwaukee  $12.16
Augusta  $12.21 Minneapolis  $12.99
Austin  $13.38 Nashville  $13.50
Baltimore  $13.74 New Orleans  $13.70
Boise  $12.06 New York  $15.09
Boston  $15.37 Oklahoma City  $13.01
Bridgeport  $14.91 Omaha  $12.16
Charleston  $12.84 Orlando  $12.57
Charlotte  $13.39 Oxnard  $14.31
Chicago  $13.72 Philadelphia  $14.19
Cincinnati  $12.28 Phoenix  $12.50
Colorado Springs  $11.85 Pittsburgh  $13.55
Columbia  $11.72 Portland  $13.14
Columbus  $13.36 Poughkeepsie  $13.64
Dallas  $13.40 Providence  $13.73
Denver  $13.75 Raleigh  $13.43
Des Moines  $11.97 Richmond  $13.47
Detroit  $12.57 Riverside  $13.06
Fort Myers  $13.48 Rochester  $11.79
Grand Rapids  $11.31 Sacramento  $13.52
Greensboro  $12.42 Salt Lake City  $11.82
Harrisburg  $12.67 San Antonio  $12.69
Hartford  $14.28 San Diego  $13.83
Honolulu  $13.13 San Francisco  $16.65
Houston  $13.76 San Jose  $15.63
Indianapolis  $12.32 Sarasota  $12.72
Jacksonville  $12.75 Seattle  $14.43
Kansas City  $12.61 St. Louis  $13.23
Knoxville  $13.38 Tampa  $13.15
Lakeland  $12.38 Tucson  $12.54
Las Vegas  $13.47 Tulsa  $12.00
Little Rock  $12.31 Virginia Beach  $12.21
Los Angeles  $14.27 Washington, D.C.  $14.99