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Linn Energy Looks Better Now Than It Did A Few Weeks Ago

It has been a good week for units of Linn Energy (LINE) and shares of holding company LinnCo (LNCO). LINE units are up over 30% in the past week while shares of LNCO are up close to 33%. The unit/share prices are still well below where they were a year ago when units of LINE were $33 and shares of LNCO were right under $32, but I am sure investors are glad to finally see a week where the prices went up by more than 10% instead of down by over 10%. On January 2, 2015, management of LINE provided 2015 guidance in a press release and then followed up with a conference call. I discussed a few of the highlights from the press release in this article.

This week LINE announced that Fourth Quarter and Full-Year 2014 earnings would be released on February 19, 2015. This earnings release… Read More …