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FCC's Proposed Internet Rules Change Little, No Real Impact On Interconnection Or Choice

FCC Chairman Wheeler released a fact sheet today that outlined the new rules he is proposing for the Internet, which falls far short of solving the main complaints we've heard about in the market for so long. Many think it's a big win for consumers that the proposed laws will prohibit ISPs from blocking, throttling or prioritization content on their network, yet to date no ISP has been accused of doing this. It's nice that these restrictions might be a law going forward, but it doesn't do anything to address the complaints of what takes place outside the last mile, or all the debate around consumers wanting more choices for broadband services.

In fairness, we haven't seen the full proposal or all the details, but the fact is that one of the biggest complaints we read about is that consumers want more choice when it comes to Internet service providers.… Read More …