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Trade-To-Invest: Episode 2 (April 9, 2016)


I have seen several different people post updates about their portfolios each week or each quarter, and figured I would start to do the same, but with a little twist. In 2015, I managed to trade a portfolio starting at $15,000, and after paying taxes two weeks ago, I ended up with more than $70,000 in the account. I have decided to set aside $60,000 for a combination of trading and investing, and hope to work with the Seeking Alpha community to maintain and build this portfolio. However, I realize that trading gains like these, net of taxes, are highly unlikely to be sustained, so I would like to transition from a purely trading portfolio to a combination of the trading and investing. I call this strategy "trade-to-invest".

This weekly series of posts will have a little bit for everyone: active trading and passive/long-term investing strategies.


The goal of the portfolio is to place a large bet (~$60,000) on one stock, set tight stops, and use all profits and invest them in a long-term, dividend-paying, portfolio. The long term portfolio can utilize both ETFs and large-cap stocks, but stocks must pay dividends over 1% on an annualized basis.

I am not afraid to take a loss, and have already done so in this strategy. It is about executing quickly and moving from position to position while not getting hung up in the long-term hopes of the investment.


I would love to hear the community's opinion on which large-cap stocks and major ETFs /Mutual funds they think I should own, as well as which stocks I should trade. Remember, I only need 1-2% gains to make a decent amount of money that can be thrown into the long-term fund so I am open to executing day-trades, swing trades, or even short/medium term trades. The overall plan is to invest money from the following sources:

1) Place one large bet on a company and re-invest the profits into the...