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Starbucks is big in China. So big in fact that they are opening up a new store every day for five years

According to CNN, Starbucks plans to grow its stores in China to more than 5,000 by 2021. Growing at that rate would work out to opening at least one new store at a day. Shanghaiist reports that this week Starbucks announced that it had promoted Belinda Wong to chief executive of Starbucks Chinato oversee the task. Starbucks says that as president of Starbucks China, Wong was instrumental in growing the brand from 400 stores to more than 2,300 from 2011 to 2016.

If lets say a Starbucks “serves” a population of 50,000 people.
1825*50,000 = 91.25 million
That is only 6% of the population of China. So, they could probably do that for 20 years… or open two or three stores a day in China.

This assumption would be correct if the difference in wealth between the richest and poorest regions of China were as close as the USA:

Maryland: $70K
Mississppi: $36K

China: China: (1USD = ~6.5¥)

Tianjin: ¥107K
Gansu: ¥26K

Do they also sell tea at their China locations? I’d imagine it would be more popular than their tea offerings in America.

You’ll see the standard coffee/espresso stuff in pretty much every Starbucks, but they’ll add or options to accommodate local preferences (and, I imagine, their supply chains for items with hard-to-source ingredients). The Starbucks menu in the one near our Beijing office has a menu about half the size of a typical American one. Hong Kong has a more extensive menu since their customers are Western and Chinese.