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While your retirement fund was eeking out a few percentage points, 2015’s top Hedge Fund Managers were making close to $1B each to play roulette with your money

Clearly, they need more tax cuts. But think of all the value they add to the economy! I can lose 1% of your investment for half of that in fees. That’s a 50% savings! Um, most retirement funds aren’t allowed to invest in Hedge funds. Too much risk & too illiquid. Ironically 1 of the exceptions is that many state government pension plans (such as CALPERS) can & do, because if they lose money then the taxpayers are on the hook.
Hedge funds hot hands




1. Ken Griffin
$1.7 billion

1. James Simons
$1.7 billion

3. Ray Dalio
$1.4 billion

3. David Tepper
$1.4 billion

5. Israel Englander
Millennium Mgmt
$1.15 billion

6. David Shaw
D.E. Shaw
$750 million

7. John Overdeck
Two Sigma
$500 million

7. David Siegel
Two Sigma
$500 million

9. O. Andreas Halvorsen
Viking Global
$370 million

10. Joseph Edelman
Perceptive Advisors
$300 million

Source: Institutional Investor’s Alpha