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Lucrative Careers That Do Not Require A Degree

Regardless of what the mainstream media is telling you, employment rates are still realistically at an all time low. College graduates find themselves with a high competitive position with their job search. Most of the time their first post-undergrad job is one that is not in their respected field. On to of that grads are under pressure because of the pending debt from student loans. There is a reason forthat, but can't talk about propaganda here.

Anyway, there are individuals who either didn't attend college straight out of high school or didn't attend college at all. Instead, they headed right into the workforce. Not only are they making more money than the typical college student, they are gaining the rawest workforce skills, developing true work ethics and avoiding cases of student loan debt. Family and friends might give you the side-eye for not obtaining a degree, who really cares, you are getting money. Is potentially harming your credit, by automatically getting in debt to obtain a degree in a field you may never get a job for, worth it? At times, it really just depends on the situation and person.

There are many careers out there and rapidly growing one can utilize to make a living. Not only make a living but gain authority and status. Some of there are somewhat "self-made" options as you may need to be a freelancer, overall an entrepreneur (which is what most college grads end up doing) to achieve success. Other may require do you a little 4-week to 6-months training. Even if you have to pay a good $1500 for a certificate course, you will be qualified in a year span or less to make a good lump of money. Here are 10 of the most lucrative careers and their income ranges that you can do without obtaining an expensive college degree.

1. Dental Hygenist- $68,000/yearly

2. Web Developer- $76,000/yearly

3. Heating and Refrigeration Mechanic- $43,000/yearly

4. Insurance Agent- $47,000/yearly

5. Makeup Artist- $23,000/yearly

6. Hair Stylist-$23,000/yearly

7. Electrician- $56,000/yearly

8. Plumber-$76,000/yearly

9. Mail Carrier- $65,150/yearly

10. Information Technology Technician- $48,900

There is a lifetime of more careers you can choose from. But out of the ones listed above, which one do you find fit for you?