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Top 11 most significant inventions of 21st century!

The current world in all its modernity is literally comprised of technological inventions and discoveries done by inventors and scientists, everyday we notice new inventions that improve our life. Can you imagine your life without your iPhone, Facebook, YouTube? All this was invented in 21st century.Compare to generations before, the current one is more developed and exposed. There're top 11 most important intentions of 21st century for you:

11) Technological Advancements

These include YouTube, Facebook, Blu-ray technology, iPad, iPod, iTunes and iPhone. Never before has there been so much ease in communication and relaying of information. Social media is like nothing ever seen before. Many are unable to imagine how life would be like if they didn’t exist. It’s even hard to just think how life was before now.

10) Apple iPhone (2007),Google Android (2008).

Apple's iPhone was the first touchscreen smartphone to gain mass-market adoption. Part of the reason for its appeal was the fact that it could be controlled using a finger rather than requiring a stylus.

Following the ecstatic response to Apple's iPhone in 2007, other mobile phone manufacturers were desperate to get in on the action, but they needed an operating system that could compete with iOS. Android was originally created as an open source OS for cameras, but was bought by Google in 2005 and launched as a mobile OS in 2008. It is now the primary operating system for Samsung, Sony, LG and HTC phones, among others, and boasts over 80 per cent marketshare worldwide.

9) Hypersonic Transportation

Trains and planes nowadays travel as fast as light due to constant improvements in the sector. Numerous innovations have helped transportation to advance greatly making traveling around the world much easier and fast.

8) Electric Car

Tesla Motors was formed in 2003 and unveiled its first production-model all-electric car in 2008. Although different electric cars have appeared in various configurations since the 1920s, Tesla was the first company to produce a vehicle that did not have significant obstacles for production or sales

7) Free energy

It is true that the 21st century is the century of information, but the energy is still the thing that makes everything move. If in the past, the humanity was relying only on fossil fuels, in our century, scientist discovered a lot of innovative ways to extract energy from various sources. We can create energy from wind, geo-thermal heat, water, and even sun. These techniques are still under development, but in the future, they will become extremely efficient energy forms.

6) Self-guided smart bullets

They make use of microchip technology in detonating rounds beyond obstructions. EXACTO is a self-guided bullet that can be changed direction mid-flight to seek target. With a range of over 1.2 miles, the self-guiding bullet works by using optical sensors that are found on the surface of its nose. This sensors transmit surrounding information to an internal electronic system that then uses a number of adjusted fins to change direction.

5) 3-D-Printed Everything

A machine that can build any object. It sounds like a sci-fi fantasy, but thanks to the rise of 3-D printers—devices that can build objects from digital blueprints, usually by layering plastic or other materials—it is rapidly becoming reality. Today we can enjoy 3D printed buildings, cars, firearms, medical protheses, cloths, organs and body parts, amongst others.

4) Artificial Intelligence

People have been dreaming about smart robots for ages, but the artificial intelligence was only developed in the 21st century. If until now, robots, toys, or computers, where quite limited, the scientists are happy to be able to imbibe some intelligence in every device. They are already used in carrying out many tasks and they’re much faster and efficient. Soon, all these devices will be able to understand us and our wishes, and to react according to our expectations.

3) Human cloning

The scientists have made possible the impossible feat of copying humans. After a few experiments and alterations with the genes, the scientists have found out the way by which you can grow new organs and even a complete new human. This can completely change the position of the medical system making an age of 200 a genuine possibility.

2) Genetic Engineering

When scientist discovered genetic engineering, they considered it their greatest achievement. It is not right an invention, but helped humans to unlock not only the information found in the genes of the animals, but also to understand better the relation between new beings and their parents. It is also a big step that will help us to know our origins better, and to discover the way we are heading to.

1) Artificial Heart

The first patient to get an artificial heart implant had it in 2001. The device is totally self contained and doesn’t need external tubes or wires. The device is powered by an internal battery that is recharged through a transcutaneous energy transmission process. Although the original version was somewhat limited in terms of operational use, the second generation product is expected to last up to five years. The ultimate goal is to develop an artificial heart that has a design life that will far outlast the recipient.