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Google Ends Background Tabs to Play Ads

Everyone who has used Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) Chrome will know how annoying it is when you're listening to a video and an ad starts playing in another tabs. You have to go through all of the tabs to find the find and stop or mute it. Well, there is good news. Google has put an end to that. Google will no longer allow sounds or music to load on background tabs. 

According to CNN, Google engineers have implemented this new tool into Google Carney as a beta version before giving it to the public. The way Google wanted the tool to work is the user opens the tab which loads, but will not play until the user navigates to it. 

"This means no more 'Where's that sound coming from?' moments when an ad for instance decides to autoplay in a tab you've specifically opened in the background," Francois Beaufort, Google Chrome team member said.

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