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Hedge Funds See $76 Billion Inflow In First Half Of 2015

According to the August 2015 Preqin Hedge Fund Manager Outlook, if you are a major hedge fund manager, the "future's so bright you gotta wear shades." The Preqin report highlights that the first half of 2015 was solid for the hedge fund industry, which saw strong inflows, minimal additional regulatory issues and which appears poised to take advantage of market volatility in the second half of the year.

Hedge funds saw large inflows in the first half of 2015

Hedge Funds

The Preqin report points out that the hedge fund industry as a whole enjoyed net inflows of $47.5 billion in the second quarter, meaning first half 2015 net inflows topped $76.3 billion. Of note, CTA funds had outflows of...