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You Got Served! By Facebook

New York State Supreme Court Justice Matthew Coopers is allowing a woman to contact her husband about their divorce papers via Facebook (NASDAQ: FB), according to Yahoo Finance.

Ellanora Arthur Baidoo will serve the papers via Facebook message because, although she hired detectives to get a hold of her husband, Victor Sena Blood-Dzraku it has been determined this is the only way to reach him, Yahoo reported.

"Under the circumstance presented here, service by Facebook, albeit novel and nontraditional, is the form of service that most comports with the constitutional standards of due process. Not only is it reasonably calculated to provide defendant with notice that he is being sued for divorce, but every indication is that it will achieve what should be the goal of every method of service: actually delivering the summons to him," Cooper said, according to Yahoo.

Yahoo commenter Meme said:

With all of the technology carried and/or employed by most people and this is the only way to find him . . .either the guy is mighty "stupid" or awfully "smart" Apparently he doesn't work, buy groceries, go to pub, or anything like that. He just lives in a non-existent space somewhere?