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Tim Cook Finally Addresses Death of iPod Classic

For those who mourned and tearfully exclaimed, “Why Tim Cook, WHY?”, the Apple CEO has finally opened up about the recent demise of the iPod Classic. Production on the portable media player recently ended after 13 years, upsetting many who are already looking at it as a thing of a nostalgic past.

According to Business Insider, Cook said the main problem was that the company couldn’t get the parts anymore to build the beloved device during an interview at the Wall Street Journal’s tech conference. He also said that the “engineering work was massive” and that there were only a small number of people who wanted it. In an attempt to smooth things over with loyal fans, he assured that the discontinuation had nothing to do with malicious intent by stating, “It wasn’t a matter of me swinging the ax, saying ‘what can I kill today?’” Between going through a complete redesign or ending things altogether, Cook opted for the latter.

So, does this bring closure? Unconvinced by what’s been said? Or just absolutely indifferent to the whole situation?