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Media Watch: Germanwings Crash Flame Wars

Can't we all just get along? (IMG: pixshark.com)

It's been a good while since I have put one of these up as I have had assignments and demanding portfolio keeping all my attention recently. But the crash of German wings has been crazy and was lighting up the internet with passionate arguments. 

What it does is it brings criticism to religion; people are automatically assuming that the guy that crash the plane did it out of religion belief. That he was a fanatic. 

Everyone will have their own theory, and the internet is the place where people are going to air them and get into fights defending theirs attacking others and just plain trying to attack the thing that makes them really angry and who ever is part of that belief. 

Watch this reply string under a Yahoo article:

First this one: 

Censored 9 hours ago 72 661

Now why would they hide nationalities? Or religion?

which set this off:

Miguel 8 hours ago 150 32

Because, nationality, religion, skin, eye and/or hair colour, the size of your nose, sexual preferences is completely irrelevant. Sight.. So many narrowed minded people. Better if you guys just stick to your fairy tale Fox news channel for your daily propaganda and leave the rest to Europeans.


Allen 8 hours ago 17 87

@Miguel, you forgot to add the size of your brain, which buy the way, must be the size of a pea.

common sense 8 hours ago 10 15

Who the pilots are is VERY important in this case. It is the co-pilot they are very vague about. He is obviously very unexperienced. Airlines pay them lousy salary.

gary 7 hours ago 11 91

It's good to know that religion is irrelevant. I evidently missed the part where atheists have been hijacking airliners in the name of nobody.

Tyger 7 hours ago 9 53

Miguel, your comments are irrelevant.

Mainah 6 hours ago 10 50

Miguel as long as you continue to ignore that there are certain nationalities and religious backgrounds that appear more frequently in events like this all in the name of being pc then these things will continue to happen.

 Jarrod 5 hours ago 7 48

Of course religion matters. If a religion preaches hate, we need to know if that was the religion that caused this single man to take 150 other peoples lives with him.

John 5 hours ago 6 26

Miguel you are a child

Irvine Dude 5 hours ago 38 17

Next time a doctor wants to treat you are you going to ask for his religion and nationality?

Then the dialog took this really dark turn, when a poster mentioned the last name of the co-pilot:

Shannon M 5 hours ago 23 10

Lubitz sounds Jewish. 

Kirk 5 hours ago 6 31

News just confirmed the guy is German. Not very Arab huh?

kasra 5 hours ago 25 37

So... all you people DEMANDING the nationality and religion of the co-pilot. are you willing to blame it on his nationality or religion if the guy turns out to be a white/European and Christian? just please answer this question. thank you!

S 5 hours ago 8 45

"I evidently missed the part where atheists have been hijacking airliners in the name of nobody. "

I missed that too. But I didn't miss the part about atheist Stalin murdering 20 million of his people because....well....just because.

Humans have always been murdering each other, excuse or not. If religion doesn't happen to be a convenient excuse, they'll find another one if the they feel the need.

Bruce B 5 hours ago 22 43

Because kasra, European white christians don't go around flying planes into skyscrapers, they don't go around beheading people, they don't go around blowing up innocent people all in the name of religion. But guess what religion DOES do that? Get the point now you moron?



Brad 5 hours ago 19 25

kasra: Yes, if he went to Obama's church in Chicago with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright as Pastor. He preached hate of whites and jews.

Silchas 4 hours ago 51 19

White people will jump on anything in order to be able to discriminate against someone. Now you want a Religion and nationality. You all want to believe the pilot was a muslim from the middle east. Would that make you all feel better about yourselves? Probably not. So much hatred bottled up inside that you probably hate yourselves and need someway to get the hatred out. So guess what you idiots do, hate everyone else.. good luck with that..

and around it goes with nothing good coming from this cesspool of hatred. It just goes to prove, many people come to the internet to vent their anger. As if the plane crash wasn't sad enough to begin with, all these people have to grow the hate they have for their fellow man just based on a tragiedy. Terrible!

March 26