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Potbelly Reported Less Than Stellar Earnings

As of today's announcement, Potbelly shares dropped 9% at market open, reaching all time low.  After all, it is only their second time releasing quarterly earnings as a publicly traded company.  While they did well in many ways, they fell below expectation when it comes to revenue, same store sales growth, which are important factors affecting stock prices.  

Expected revenue was around $76 million, but Potbelly came up with $74.76.  It seems like their outlook for the rest of the year was affected by the constant snow storms, which Potbelly also blamed for their weak sales.  As we've seen snow continuing in the 1st quarter of 2014, we can expect their next report to represent similar numbers.  many investors are likely doubting a food place that isn't consistently producing in the winter, it's not as if people are less hungry.  Either way, the company's CEO is still positive about the future and reassures investors that their plan is still on track.