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Donald Trump reveals ass-backwards plan for the economy: Let’s copy Greece

Really, the best thing that the Democrats can hope for is for The Donald to keep talking in front of a camera. Especially on economic matters. If The Donald keeps on his course, the Kochs and Fox News will start touting Hillary as the reincarnation of Ronald Reagan by August…

Ordinarily this would get a “This” from me, but this election cycle has, as has oft been repeated, been clownshoes batshiat elbow-biting window-licking insane.  Everything we think should be happening to Trump under the assumption that the electorate is by and large sane, isn’t.  Everything we think should be digging his political grave is instead building his podium.  This batshiat fiscal policy of Trump’s mightbe enough to get people to start scratching their heads, but at this point I’m not above considering the possibility that he will be lauded for such a ballsy assertion and put stock in his ability to pull it off.

he has been underestimated at every turn and managed to float to the top. I guess people are willing to give a crap ton of passes to a non politician.

“No one on the other side would pick up the phone” if Trump tried to renegotiate the debt, Wrightson ICAP chief economist

told The New York Times. “Why should they? They have a contract.’’

Speaking on CNBC on Thursday, Trump floated his plan to deal with the national debt: Ask creditors to take a haircut, or a reduction in the face value of their debt, which is a default, in exchange for … what exactly? Well, exactly nothing. But thinking has never been a prerequisite for speaking in Trumpland.