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Drug firms far from transparent with trial data watchdog group finds

All,If there is anything I dare say I know more than most, if not all. SA posters would be how to assess clinical literature on drugs. I am not talking about the basic merits of a clinical study, case study of a patient, implication of an epidemiology paper, health policies, or treatment guidelines. But when it comes to the sadness of literature sources and their meaning, I would stake my 30+ years of experience and expertise against anny9one. So let's get into BI: says:We found, per drug, a median of:
•20% of clinical trial results were reported in a clinical trial registry
•57% were registered
•56% were published in the medical literature
•65% are publicly available (either in a trial registry or the medical literature)
•1/2 of all drugs had an unreported phase II or III trialBI's method is published prominently in BMJ. BMJ in my ranking is right up there with NEJM, JAMA, Lancet as the four foremost general clinical journals in terms of reputation, impact, authoritativeness, and respect (held by HCP's). They are "must read or "must subscribe" for any top tier medical institutions, medical schools, medical libraries, and yes even bioharma companies. So what's wrong with the article?1. Draconian Clinical Data Sharing Requirementa>