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Walkera Scout X4 - The next generation of quadcopters

Let your fingers do the "Walking era" (Walk-era).The Scout X4 is the next generation of quadcopters with waypoint flying, remotely use your finger to plot your route and fly your route.

he Scout is pack with full of new functions and optional accessories.One other key feature that differentiate this quadcopter from the previous generation, is the ability to have 4 motors or 8 motors. When 8 motors are installed, it increases the payload and also adds another level of failsafe in the event a motor or propeller fails.

With a 6 cell 22.2V 5400 mAh LiPo battery installed, the Scout is capable of 25 minutes flight time, fully loaded with a G-3D gimbal, a iLook/GoPro camera and telemetry/bluetooth module.With a larger payload, other cameras are planned for.

The advanced RTH (Failsafe Return to Home) will protect your investment. In case of signal loss or low battery, the Scout X4 will be guided by the GPS to find its way home.

The Walkera Scout X4 seems to be using all the cool features of arducopter such as follow me, and waypoint navigation!I am still to confirm if they are using arducopter firmware but from the looks of it I am pretty sure they are.Not sure about the price either but since it includes the Devo F12 (retails for about $600 it will be over $1K, which is not too bad considering it will probably include a brushless gimbal and iLook+ with wireless video too.

Another cool feature is the fact that the ground control station will support both android and IOS devices via a Bluetooth datalink ground station, so it uses Bluetooth to communicate with your phone/tablet and it seems it will run at 2.4Ghz to communicate to the quadcopter so not sure about the range of the telemetry link and I am hoping this is not via wifi.