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Update: HealthEquity's HSA Member Metrics Update Confirms The Bull Thesis

HealthEquity's (HQY) unexpected release of HSA Member Metrics for full-year 2014 shows the company should continue to drive shares higher into 2015. Now, it should be noted that shares are way off 52-week highs of ~$28 and currently trade at ~$19.60, but I believe the selling pressure should be dissolved in light of yesterday's after-hours news.

HQY reported (Source: HQY HSA Member Metrics PR):

  • HSA Members grew to 1.4 million, a 47% increase from FY14.
  • Total AUM grew to $2.4 billion, a 45% increase from FY14.
  • Investment AUM of $286.5 million (which together comprise the total AUM of $2.4 billion), an increase of 57% compared to the same period last year.

Remember, HQY does many things, but its core operating functions basically break down to performing three tasks; managing consumer HSAs, providing online investment advice for funds that comprise the consumer HSAs, and helping employers find ways to make… Read More …