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Canadian National Railway (CNI) Presents at CIBC 14th Annual Eastern Institutional Investor Brokers Conference


Unidentified Company Representative

Good afternoon, everyone. Thanks for joining up and it’s my pleasure for this presentation to present CN Rail. CN has carried its largest railway with the network that spans three course within North America. While 2015 has had its challenges in terms of volumes, the company has been able to quickly adjust its operations as evidenced by its record low operating ratio in the second quarter at just over 56%.

With us today from CN is Mr. Luc Jobin, EVP & CFO who joined CN back in 2009 and prior to this was with Power Corporation of Canada since 2005. Thank you, Luc. I think most of us are pretty familiar with the CN story here, so I think we’ll open it up to Q&A and maybe I’ll kick it off. Well the first half of the year has been pretty challenging for the rail especially on the volume side. Can you provide us an update with the demand outlook for the rest of this year and maybe a glimpse into 2016 and just your overall comfort around your guidance for the rest of this year as well?

Luc Jobin - Executive V.P. & Chief Financial Officer

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