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Actions to take now

This is a great time for non-action... the time to do nothing, sell rallies, lock in profits, reduce exposure in both directions, and protect capital for when the markets make it clear, by manifesting proper patterns, what the next short, intermediate, and long term moves will be.

DSE continues to warn NOT to be long stocks, nor short metals or dollar.  Crude is getting overbought, so we took profits, even though it might stretch further.  Tbonds are so oversold short term that we're canceling our sstop, and will wait a bit to see if 138 arrives to sell into, or 125 +/-1 to buy into.

At least several hours of tug-o-war are now likely, so let’s watch.

Longer term...

MSFT is an “if not now, when” topic, MSFT is +40% in ’13, and now overbought at monthly, weekly, and daily degrees of trend, after forming clearly-corrective patterns from the lows in ’00 and ’09.  Between here and 45, a very high confidence short is available, using 51 as buy stop, targeting below 20, and likely below 15 in the coming years.