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There's A Reason Utilities Are On The Monopoly Board, I Just Bought One

Many of you know me as a real estate analyst, and while around 90% of my research is in the REIT sector, I occasionally drift outside of my circle of competence into other asset sectors.

Today, I am going to stay on the Monopoly board, though, and discuss a close cousin to REITs, Utilities. You see, I need to diversify my holdings into other dividend-paying stocks, and while I'm attracted to the short and mid-term forecast for US real estate, I know it's important not to hold all of my eggs in one basket.

In addition, I see strong correlations to real estate and utilities - they both deliver essential services measured by a long runway for demand. Arguably, utilities are much more stable over the long term, as the asset class is generally consider to be the lowest-risk compared with the overall stock market.

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