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An Under the Radar Energy Stock to Watch For

While most of the talk these days centers around crude oil, there are some very interesting opportunities available in the natural gas space. And if you’re like me, you might be less certain as to what those plays are. Everyone knows Shell (NYSE: RDS.A,) Chevron (NYSe: CVX) and BP (NYSE: BP.) I mean, their huge, ecosystem altering natural disasters tend to stick out. Maybe they are orchestrated under the guise of no publicity being bad publicity? I wouldn’t put it past them. All anyone was talking about on the news after the BP spill was BP.

Regardless, natural gas is like crude oil’s little brother, but that doesn't mean there aren’t tremendous opportunities in that space. The US natural gas company (NYSE:UNG) has been doing decently lately, and despite its volatility it could represent a significant get for your portfolio. Oil and gas won't stay down forever.