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Bruce Bower On Peak Performance Trading

Bruce Bower On Peak Performance Trading by Brandon, Trading Story

Emerging market trader, Bruce Bower, shows us how psychology and plans play an important part in trading.

Bruce Bower is an emerging markets trader who has plied his trade in Hedge Funds in Moscow and London. Now he’s trading his own account. And he’s written about it on his blog, How of Trading and how to do it yourself with his book, Peak Performance Trading & Investing. We had a very useful discussion for newer traders, especially on trading psychology.

Best Trading Advice

“When there’s nothing to do, do nothing”.

Podcast Highlights

  • Following the advice of those that came before you in the trading field
  • Sticking to your trading plan
  • What’s your trading methodology?
  • Focusing on the process more than the results
  • Keeping focused helps keep emotions out
  • The mental aspect of trading

From the Trader’s Story

“Even if you have a plan it takes time to trust it and the best way to grow to trust just to learn how to stick to it”.

“You can’t become successful at (trading) if you don’t like it. You need the passion and curiosity to fuel you”.

“To some extent, our results are out of our...