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Realty Income In Focus

Realty Income (O) is one of the few stocks that pays dividends monthly rather than quarterly. This gives it special appeal for investors seeking monthly dividend income. The company has trademarked the phrase "The Monthly Dividend Company". Investors should have no doubt that Realty income is committed to paying monthly dividends for the long run. The company has paid uninterrupted dividends/distributions since 1970. Realty Income reorganized as a publicly traded REIT in 1994 and has increased its dividend every quarter for 68 consecutive quarters.

This article analyzes Realty Income's current events and growth prospects for dividend growth investors. The company's recession performance and valuation are discussed as well.

Business Overview

Realty Income has over 4,200 commercial properties that generate rental revenue from long-term lease agreements. The company has 231 tenants in total. No tenant contributes more than 5.4% of revenue to Realty Income, insulating it from the risk that any… Read More …