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Gold operations may be subject to profit-taking after big gains...

Achieved gold rose during trading last week, where this rally started with a rate cut by the Swiss bank, raising the local currency by more than 20% against the euro and the dollar, with the weakness of the dollar continues to gold to achieve further gains to rise at a level of $ 1262 per ounce level in 1229 dollars in gold on Friday returned to the same scenario with the issuance of the primary consumer of the United States price index in a negative light, making the dollar exploits this data to jump to the level of $ 1282 per ounce.

But experts and analysts gold expect falling gold prices and limited to levels that may reach close to US $ 1255 due to profit-taking, but this week will be full of events, especially as regards the euro and any good news area for the benefit of the region may constitute support of the yellow precious metal.